PUSH Workout Routine (Chest, Shoulders & Triceps)

Push Workout Routine (upper Body Exercises). Hybrid Workout & variety of Strength and Hypertrophy Training (Load, Intensity, Sets & Reps). Push Workout (Pushing Muscles): Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. Exercises in the workout:

Weighted Push Ups
Handstand Push Ups (Parallette HSPU)
Wide Grip Push Ups (Rings)
Straight Bar Dips
Tricep Extensions

Always train at your level and capacity. Start from a point that works for you, and make progress from there – step by step. Many workouts are not suitable for everyone (don’t attempt what you can’t handle). Just do the best that YOU can do. Stop anything that causes pain or something you feel you can’t manage. Break a workout whenever you feel you need to. Listen to your Body.

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