How Does a Revel Big Bear Give Back to the Community?

The revel big bear marathon is run on an extremely fast and unusually lovely downhill course that drops over 500 ft. Major cause of Revel Big Bear Marathon to donate a part of your enrolled fees directly to the big Bear community as our way of giving back. This magnificently, Swift and unremarkably clean Road race takes the athletes from the incredible mountains and unblemished forest of big bear to the foothills of Redlands, California, following the smooth, slope and unbelievable view in the Susan Bernardino National Forest.

This marathon will help you to maintain your PR score and ultimately, you will reach the Boston Qualifying time.

The Real Truth Behind the Bear Marathon Results 2023

Most of the people have this misconception that the main reason behind this marathon is to just raise money but the thing is it’s not. The goal is to finish the race with a smile even if you finished the race in the last.

Don’t forget the cause you are fighting for. If you think that you are doing this just for charity you will never be able to satisfy yourself with that thought but if you think that you are helping people then you may have a reason to fight for.

It begins at the Grey back Amphitheater close to the Sugar Mountains, leading to the south of the popular big bear marathon Ski resort. The Course starts from the rolling hills for the initial 6.4 kilometres as participants jog their way down the historically popular CA 38 in the direction of the Redlands.

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When the runners reach the mountain community of Angelus Oaks at 14.5 kilometres, participants will have the benefit of a net elevation drop of 4,223 ft. in the last 27.2 kilometres of the race, a norm of a 4.7% downhill grade. Amidst the way participants will have the advantage of peaceful views of Constance Peak in the west and Anderson Peak in the east.

The course slowly turns southeast towards the San Gorgonio Mountain, the tallest peak in Southern California, prior heading west through the Mountain Home Village community. After passing the midpoint of the marathon, participants act towards a second half elevation drop of 3,171 feet and only 10 feet of elevation procured.

In the end the participants take the streets of Redlands, continuing a bold downhill slope to the finish line at the Redlands Sports Park. They will get an exclusive increment from the 443-foot net loss in elevation in the left 4.8 kilometres. You can either manage time by practising for a long period of time or you can enjoy the moment while it lasts.

The weather report is from the finish line. Temperature will be much cooler at the start and get warmer as the participants go down the mountain.