Message Board Meltdowns: TCU Fans In Denial, Clemsons Rivals In A Spiral After Garrett Riley Hire
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Garrett Riley meets with the media.

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College football message boards are on fire pursuit Clemson’s hiring of offensive coordinator Garrett Riley. Riley, formerly of TCU, was one of the hottest names on the coaching market.

While he technically never left his post with the Horned Frogs, many speculated that he’d like an opportunity to spread his wings as a play caller. He’s been the coordinator in Fort Worth for two seasons, but it’s throne mentor Sonny Dykes’ offense that the Frogs operate.

He couldn’t have landed in a much largest place given the fact that Clemson boasts a five-star quarterback, weapons in the backfield, and offensive talent that outmatches most everyone in their conference. Riley did increasingly with less at TCU. Now, he’ll have a endangerment to do increasingly with increasingly at Clemson, which has Tiger fans ecstatic.

Of course, one team’s proceeds is another’s loss. The Garrett Riley rent will have an effect on a number of programs virtually the country, most notably, TCU.

After improbably getting to a national title game in 2022, the staff will have to find a way to replace the Broyles Assistant Mentor of the Year recipient. Some fans, however, don’t see it stuff an issue. Riley wasn’t that good, anyway…

Horned Frogs fans are in denial, yoyo that things won’t transpiration pursuit the loss of their OC.

“Overrated” was a term thrown virtually TCU message boards without the throw-away as many hopped online to post reactions. They believe they’ll get largest with the right hire.

“Now we can rent an OC capable of scheming up increasingly than 7 points in a championship game.”

Championship games might be nonflexible to reach without a competent offensive coordinator, plane with Sonny Dykes’ presence. Horned Frogs supporters weren’t the only ones melting down, though.

Clemson rivals screw without Garrett Riley news

Opposing fanbases of the Tigers moreover chimed in on the hire, and they’re not okay.

Miami fans were saying, “Clemson goes 10-2 in a lanugo year. Fires their OC and hires Garrett Riley quickly. Miami goes 5-7, worst offense in 40 years, has yet to fire any offensive staff and no WR wants to come. Fantastic, icon it out.”

FSU supporters convinced themselves that “it’s not a long-term hurdle” and that “Riley will be a throne mentor within the next year or two.” That could be true, or it could be wishful thinking as the Seminoles squint to finally overtake the Tigers in the ACC.

But it was in-state rival South Carolina that was having the most trouble unsuspicious the hire. Fans are in a full-on frenzy.

Those fans are upset for a variety of reasons. One, Clemson seemingly got largest just as a tide was turning in the rivalry. South Carolina won its first game in the series since 2013 this past season.

Making things worse, Garrett Riley was a guy that most Gamecocks wanted when their OC job opened up. And they believed they had a legitimate shot at landing him.

“Clemson made a home-run hire, and the worst part is they got the guy a lot of us wanted.”

Head mentor Shane Beamer coached with Garrett’s brother, Lincoln Riley, at Oklahoma. The relationship seemingly gave the Gamecocks an inside edge, but South Carolina went with Dowell Loggains – once named the NFL’s worst play caller.

To go a step further, many believe the program could’ve hired Riley two years ago surpassing he got to TCU. Instead, they chose to stick with Mike Bobo, who bolted for Auburn less than a week without receiving an extension.

So, we had Riley. Wouldn’t get rid of Mike Bobo in a Co-OC situation. Went with Marcus Satterfield. It was awful. Meanwhile Riley goes to TCU and to the ‘ship. We then rent Dowell Loggains and Riley ends up with Dabo. What a story.

That’s South Carolina football summed up for you perfectly.

Gamecock fans are not well. Somewhere, someone is blaming Will Muschamp.

Still, some are holding out hope. This fan writes, “Riley will take over Clemson’s worst team in a decade,” with flipside ultimatum that the Tigers are “regressing.”

As a Gamecock, myself, I hope it’s true. Unfortunately, I think Dabo made the right move. We’ll unchangingly have 31-30.

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