5 Ways to Make Your Next Workout More Fun
For Women2022-06-01

5 Ways to Make Your Next Workout Increasingly Fun

When “work” is in its very name, it may be easy to forget sometimes that workouts should be fun in wing to stuff effective.

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So, if you’ve found yourself dreading the gym increasingly often than looking forward to it,  BODi  trainer and health and fitness coach  Jenny Jaucian  has some translating you’ll love.

“So many factors can create a fun workout — from the energy of an instructor and their music choices to your workout programming and plane what equipment you use, all of these components can play a huge role in making exercise increasingly enjoyable,” she says.

Here are a few ways to shake things up and make sure you’re having some fun while you get your sweat on!

1. Unravel Up Your Long Cardio 

“To spice up a long-duration cardio session, try creating a circuit-style cardio workout, spending well-nigh three to six minutes in one station surpassing moving to the next,” Jaucian says. For example, you can run on a treadmill for five minutes, do the row machine for five minutes, then hit the stair climber for five minutes, and repeat this spin two to three times. “It helps unravel up what feels like a long, monotonous cardio routine into bite-sized intervals without losing any of the benefits,” she adds.

Another break-it-up option is to create high- and low-intensity intervals within your cardio routine.

“If you’re listening to music, pair a upper intensity effort every time you hear the chorus drop,” Jaucian explains. “Then, when the song goes when to the verse, lower your intensity into a increasingly moderate pace. Alimony repeating until your unshortened playlist is done. Doing this can help you tap into the metabolic boosting effects of HIIT training while bringing increasingly fun.”

2. Ditch the Same-Old, Same-Old in Your Strength Session  

Weightlifting with barbells, dumbbells and stationary gym machines is a surefire way to results, but those pieces of equipment can get a little rote over time.

“Instead of using these traditional methods all the time, add variety to your strength training routine by incorporating bands, medicine balls, exercise balls, TRX straps, box steps, kettlebells, and ropes,” Jaucian says.

The change-up can be as easy as doing the same movements but with variegated tools — squats with bands or kettlebells, rows with the TRX Suspension Trainer, push-ups on an exercise ball, overhead presses with a medicine ball. The reality is anything you can do with a dumbbell, barbell or machine can be replicated with numerous other implements.

“You can moreover rencontre your soul to handle variegated movement patterns by doing single-side — otherwise known as unilateral — variations of things like squats, deadlifts and presses, which can help you increase balance, stabilization, and cadre strength,” Jaucian adds.

“I’m a parishioner in the phrase, ‘Change  FITT  Up!’ If you are no longer seeing results in your workouts, transpiration the  frequency  (how often you do something),  intensity  (how challenging your workouts are),  time  (how long you do it), or  type  (what style of training you do). Changing one or increasingly of those factors instantly adds increasingly variety to your routine.”

3. Revamp Your Reps 

As creatures of habit, we can sometimes get stuck on a rep scheme — whether it’s a range of 8-12, 12-15, or just a nice round 10 reps in every set. Sound familiar? It’s time to unravel up with your rep rut.

One idea is to measure your sets by time rather than counting reps. In a technique popular among CrossFitters referred to as AMRAP — “as many reps as possible” — you set a time, such as 10 minutes, and try to do as many rounds as you can of a spin of moves.

For example, on leg day, you could pair a spin of 10 hack squats with a medium weight, 10 jump-ups onto a platform, and 20 dumbbell walking lunges (10 steps per leg); repeat until 10 minutes is up.

Another CrossFit trick is EMOM — “every minute on the minute.” Say you’re doing pull-ups; you set a stopwatch for 10 minutes or alimony an eye on a clock with a second hand, and at the top of each minute, you do a set until failure, then rest until the next minute starts. This technique moreover works well with medicine-ball exercises such as chest slams to the floor or twisting wall-ball slams.

 4. Stretch Your Limits 

“Stretching is extremely important for recovery, yet so many exercisers either forget or skip this essential part of a workout routine,” Jaucian says.

As we get older, the mobility of our joints naturally decreases, but research shows that stretching as little as 10 minutes a day can help counteract that decline, while moreover improving thoroughbred spritz and vital nutrient supply to our muscles, tendons, and unorthodoxy structures.

“Personally, I like to stretch while I listen to one of my favorite podcasts or TV shows,” Jaucian adds. “Pairing something you don’t like to do with something you do like to do can help build the habit of stretching. And if you need to create increasingly peccancy to make sure you get it done, typesetting a yoga or stretch matriculation with a girlfriend so that you can stretch and socialize afterwards.”

5. Throw Your Soul a Curveball 

The typical style of training among those who are without philosophy whilom all else is to focus on one bodypart at a time. We have “leg day,” and “back day,” and “arms day” — you know the drill.

That’s a proven method for muscle-building, of course, but it’s not the only way to slay your gym goals.

“Our persons thrive on new experiences,” Jaucian says. “If you find yourself uninspired doing the same workout over and over again, transpiration it up.”

Don’t worry well-nigh straying too far outside your repletion zone. Try a kickboxing class, well-ventilated yoga, or indoor cycling.

“If I’m not teaching a BODi class, I love creating my own circuit-style workouts in my home gym, incorporating both cardio and strength for a total soul sweat fest,” Jaucian says. “I moreover love playing pickleball with my family, throwing a frisbee with my boyfriend at the beach, enjoying nature hikes, and dancing in my living room. Explore variegated options and find a workout that makes you alimony coming when for more.”

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