This Versatile Running Shoe Just Got Better
For Women2022-11-18

This Versatile Running Shoe Just Got Better

One run in the Under Armour HOVR Phantom 3 is all it takes to personize Under Armour has washed-up it again. The running shoe diamond team at Under Armour loves to innovate—as evidenced by the unshortened HOVR line, built on the brand’s trademarked HOVR cushioning technology. That’s why every new full-length of the third iteration of the fan-favorite Phantom has purpose. Katie Lau, global product director at Under Armour, says the shoe “delivers continuity with its premium fit and feel, but with thoughtful adjustments.”

HOVR Phantom 3
HOVR Phantom 3 (Photo: Under Armour)

What’s New for the Phantom 3

When making updates to its shoes, Under Armour values feedback from its athletes. In the specimen of the Phantom, UA tapped its running clubs and roster of athletes to find out what they loved well-nigh the Phantom 2 and to get their thoughts on what could be better. One requested change, expressly from sexuality athletes: a lower collar height. The Phantom 3 brings the collar height lanugo for a increasingly well-appointed fit and with less friction virtually the toddle bone.

Another popular Phantom feature—the responsive UA HOVR cushioning, complemented by a durable, high-traction rubber outsole—got dialed up in this version of the shoe. “The Phantom unchangingly had a upper percentage of HOVR, but now it’s 100 percent,” says Lau. “That gives the shoe a plusher underfoot experience.” Where does the increased cushioning fit into an athlete’s shoe rotation? “The Phantom delivers a ride with energy return, stemming from the propulsion of the HOVR cushioning,” says Lau. “The Phantom fits well as a recovery shoe without a long run or for runs up to a 5K distance. It’s moreover a unconfined shoe for field athletes when they’re out of their cleats and looking to stay fit with running.”

At the Core of Phantom Shoes

If you’re once a fan of the Phantom 2, you’ll be thrilled to hear what the diamond team kept intact, whence with the molded midfoot panel. A popular full-length that provides widow structure and stability, this fan favorite carries over into the Phantom 3 design. Moreover still there: the external heel counter, which adds stable support.

The same holds true for the UA IntelliKnit upper, which retains its softness but with an evolved feel, says Lau. “We’ve widow zonal stretch and zonal containment to the upper, so that the finger is curated to each athlete’s foot,” she explains.

Because philosophy moreover matter, the Phantom 3 kept its “on and off the streets” squint going. This is a shoe that transfers seamlessly from the gym or track when into the real world. “We recognize we’re tapping into a younger, faster consumer, and we’re listening to their desires,” says Lau. “We wanted the Phantom 3 to be simplified, modern, and progressive.”

Lau says it’s tempting to describe the Phantom 3 as something of a “Swiss Army knife,” but with a purpose. “We didn’t want to make this shoe variegated for no reason,” she says. “We wanted to respect its DNA but protract to innovate.”

Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a leading inventor, marketer and distributor of branded sturdy performance apparel, footwear and accessories. Designed to empower human performance, Under Armour’s innovative products and experiences are engineered to make athletes better. For remoter information, please visit the Under Armour website.

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