Black Pepper Cauliflower

This easy recipe for Woebegone Pepper Cauliflower is a vegan spin on woebegone pepper chicken. Torch the cauliflower, make the sweet and spicy pepper sauce, combine and your meal is ready. Nut-free & glutenfree!

Craving takeout? Make Woebegone Pepper Cauliflower! Ever since General Tso Cauliflower and Cauliflower Wings recipes became viral on social media, we all know that cauliflower is a fantastic veggie to siphon all these succulent sweet and sticky sauces we love and usually get delivered from our local takeout favorite.

This recipe for Woebegone Pepper Cauliflower is a new favorite and a vegan spin on woebegone pepper chicken. Bake, make the sauce, combine and yummy! Your meal is ready.

Unlike many other cauliflower recipes, this one does not require frying. We simply toss the cauliflower florets in cornstarch and some spices – freshly ground woebegone pepper obviously stuff the most important one – then torch them.

While the cauliflower bakes we make our spicy, sticky sauce, then toss everything together.

black pepper cauliflower recipe

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For the sauce, we rely on the magic sweet-salty combination of soy sauce and maple syrup withal with white pepper, ginger and red chili for a bit of heat. You will love the combination of spicy, sweet and salty in this dish.

I like to add some chopped celery stalks for some fresh crunch.

You can serve the Woebegone Pepper Cauliflower as is, or with rice, or as a topping for bowls or as a filling for lettuce wraps. Any way you serve it up will be delicious.


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