Tikka Masala Pasta Salad

Part healthy salad, part comforting pasta, this Tikka Masala Pasta Salad recipe has everything you love well-nigh your favorite Indian sauce in one bowl. Serve fresh or make superiority for an easy vegan meal, and enjoy either warm or cold. Gluten-free, soy-free & nut-free option.

Indian supplies cravings are not to be taken lightly. However, when it’s simply too hot to whip up a hot and spicy tikka masala, but you are still starving all those flavors, then make this easy pasta salad tossed with a quick tikka masala dressing!

An Indian-inspired vegan pasta salad that is satisfying, quick and easy and made with simple everyday ingredients! I love how versatile pasta salad is. You can take it in so many directions.

Tikka Masala Pasta Salad

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This vegan pasta salad is unconfined as a main or a side dish. It is bursting with slightly spicy and wonderfully whiffy Indian flavors, and features a mayo-free linty dressing and lots of crunchy fresh veggies.

Why You’ll Love this Tikka Masala Pasta Salad?

  • it comes together very quickly
  • it’s very flavorful
  • it has veggies, pasta and tofu.
  • it can be made gluten-free Nutfree and Soyfree
  • It satisfies both summer salad and saucy Indian supplies cravings!

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