126: Progesterone, stress, and adrenal fatigue with Meg Langston
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Hi friends! I’m so thrilled well-nigh today’s podcast episode considering it’s with someone I’ve been pursuit on IG for a long time and truly admire: Meg Langston! I reached out to her to see if she’d come onto the show and was so pumped when she said yes. 🙂 This episode is PACKED with info and violating tips; be sure to listen to this one! (Also, follow her on IG here if you don’t already!)

Here’s what we talk about:

– Background and what inspired you to wilt an NTP

– What are some of the things women could do to support metabolic health

– Some of the effects of stress on the soul what does adrenal fatigue mean

– Ways to support progesterone and help modernize symptoms of exhaustion and adrenal fatigue

Here’s increasingly info well-nigh Meg:

Meg is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Root Cause consultant and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. She works with women to help restore their metabolic health in order to recover from hormone imbalances, restore periods and recover digestive dysfunction. She believes the soul talks when to symptoms and through soul literacy and a supplies first tideway healing and feeling their weightier self can happen!

You can follow her on Instagram here and check out her website here.

Resources from this episode:

Radiant Life water filter


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I love love love the meals from Sakara Life! Use this link and the lawmaking XOGINAH for 20% off their meal wordage and wipe shop items. This is something I do once a month as a lil treat to myself and the meals are unchangingly showstoppers. I’m enjoying a shipment this week; the violaceous parfait has been my favorite so far.

Get 15% off Organifi with the lawmaking FITNESSISTA. I drink the untried juice, red juice, gold, and Harmony! (Each day I might have something different, or have two variegated things. Everything I’ve tried is amazing.)

If any of my fellow health professional friends are looking for flipside way to help their clients, I highly recommend IHP. You can moreover use this information to heal yourself and then go one to heal others, which I think is a trappy mission.

You can use my referral link here and the lawmaking FITNESSISTA for up to $250 off the Integrative Health Practitioner program. I finished Level 1 and am working my way through Level 2. I highly recommend it! You can trammels out my review IHP here!

Thank you so much for listening and for all of your support with the podcast! Please be sure to subscribe, and leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode. If you leave a rating, head to this page and you’ll get a little “thank you” souvenir from me to you.

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