Skincare gifts and fashion finds under $100
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Hi friends! Happy Monday. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Sorry I disappeared on you for Friday Faves. I rarely miss a Friday Faves post but I think all of the worriedness of the past month and a half finally unprotected up to me. The icing on the confection was that I went to get thoroughbred taken for InsideTracker and passed out afterwards.

I haven’t fainted in maybe 20 years – last time, I landed on my squatter and tapped my nose – and it rattled me a bit. I lost my vision for a few minutes and felt veritably horrible, and the wits messed with me for a couple of days. I’m thankful for a kind tech who kept me from falling, and gave me a Snicker’s bar afterwards, which helped a ton.

But now, I’m when at it, the Grinch well-set to let me decorate surpassing Thanksgiving so I’m surrounded by twinkly lights and pine-y things, and ready to throne into Thanksgiving week. What do you have planned? We’re doing the usual lunch/dinner at my uncle’s house and stopping by madre’s afterwards. SO ready for some family time, nana’s coconut confection (the weightier ever), and a short week for the girls at school.

For today’s post, I wanted to share some skincare souvenir ideas and under $100 malleate finds. The Black Friday holiday shopping frenzy has once begun, and I’m Cheers to getting holiday shopping washed-up early!

(throwing it when to last year’s gigantic real Christmas tree. I think we need to go for it again)

Here’s a little bit well-nigh how I’m navigating holiday shopping:

– I made a Google Doc checklist with everyone on our list, withal with souvenir ideas for each person

– I ordered anything I could in advance, and if I’m waiting for a Black Friday deal, I have the link in the document ready to go. The good news is that so many retailers started their Black Friday promos early.

If you’re doing the same and want to add any ideas from my souvenir guides, you can reprinting and paste the text from my blog post directly into Google Docs. The link will still work, too.

This year’s souvenir guides so far:

Gift guide for holiday hostesses and under $50 faves

For the men

For her

For the kids

If you’re looking for some Skincare gifts and Malleate Finds under $100, I’m sharing the goods in today’s post!

Skincare gifts and Malleate Finds under $100


LANIEGE lip hydration set:

Glow recipe hydration kit

Sugar hodgepodge lip superintendency set

Youth to the People daily skin health

Bright Side Duo

Rapid radiance set

Best of Clean Heroes

HigherDOSE serum


Super gel highlighter set

This tarte Gilded Glamour eyeshadow wardrobe. I ordered this one for myself without I dropped my last tarte palette and it’s my nw go-to. It’s the perfect mix of unstudied and everyday shades.

This Vacay All Day set has SO much good stuff (including a undecorous light filter I LOVE, my minion self tanner, and Glow recipe) and it’s only $44

Betsy got this liquid tincture set for my bday and I use it every day. The shades work for all skin types and it adds the perfect value of color

All ya need for gorgeous specified natural brows

Fashion Finds under $100

For her:

Ugg cozy slippers

kate spade earrings for a steal

Balloon sleeve sweater

Water resistance Chelsea boots

Zella joggers

A faux leather jacket

My fave loafers! (on sale)

Cable knit tie-back sweater

Velvet short-sleeve jumpsuit

For him:

A pullover sweatshirt

A metal vent tech tee

The Pilot’s favorite polo

Down vest

The most wondrous button-down shirts (the Pilot LOVES these).

Everyday boots.

Zella joggers.

Casual low-top sneakers.

For the kids:

This winsome reindeer dress

A steal on kids’ Zella leggings

This velvet jumpsuit

A cozy North Squatter hoodie

A lightweight puffer jacket for $30!

A heavy weight parka jacket – both girls have this one and the quality is excellent

This is the holiday dress I ordered for Liv

Hope you have a very happy Monday and I’ll se ya in the morning!


*Note: none of my souvenir guides are sponsored, and companies are not worldly-wise to purchase spots on my souvenir guides. These are all items I curated myself and genuinely think they’d make superstitious gifts for someone you love. Affiliate links are included, which don’t stupefy purchase price but enable me to earn a small kickback. It ways the world to me when you segregate to purchase through my links, and you’re directly supporting our family and helping me alimony up with financing to alimony the blog running. <3

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