5 x 2 miles, just one more, dentist approved + randoms!

5 x 2 miles, just one more, dentist approved + randoms!

(bra, shorts, shoes, socks, glasses)

Done and done.

Just one increasingly really nonflexible Wednesday workout left surpassing the marathon! We aren’t doing speed on Saturday this week (doing a crazy trail venture where survival is the goal instead), and I kept reminding myself during the workout when my smart-ass was telling me to slow lanugo that this was the only speed of the week so ‘don’t slow down’!!

We started the run off with a 3.5-mile w/u (remember when you are doing workouts, the w/u, c/d, recovery paces don’t matter… focus on the interval paces instead) and then started our first of five intervals.

I wanted to alimony things at well-nigh marathon pace effort for the first one and work lanugo from there. The roads we did the intervals on were all over the place–> uphill (the unshortened 3rd interval was uphill), downhill, flat, and rolling. It kept our soul guessing, and I kept telling myself that the transpiration in ascent/descent was using all sorts of variegated muscles, which was helping them stay fresh;)

Averages for the 5 sets–> 6:14, 6:01, 6:39, 5:59, 5:49. The breaks in between were .5 miles but included stopping for the restroom or drinking water.

This is not a normal marathon workout! The most I’ve overly washed-up in a marathon training woodcut is 3 or 4 x 2-mile intervals. I am doing this for my goal of a sub 2:45 at St. George in October.

My legs are officially cooked, and all of the recovery was washed-up afterward.

Let’s talk well-nigh fueling surpassing and during the workout–> I ate graham crackers on the way to the workout with Liquid IV (code HUNGRY-RUNNER-GIRL gets you 25% off), and then I took a Maurten with caffeine right surpassing we started the warm-up. I took flipside Maurten caffeine at mile 6 and a normal Maurten at mile 10. When we finished the workout portion at mile 15.5, I pulled out the strawberry sour patch kids to munch on during the cooldown. With marathon training, I get sick of taking so many gels, so having snacks to get in some calories when I don’t need to run fast anymore is my favorite option.

We had a dentist with us running, and he tried and joined in on the snacks eating for the cool-down ha.

I brought one of my water bottles to put in the pocket of my shorts, which worked unconfined for my liquids. I moreover refilled my snifter at a drinking fountain during one of the recoveries.

This Gatorade that my friends planted for us saved us too. It was cold, and it tasted so good.

I had been doing lower soul strength workouts with weights on Wednesdays without the workouts, but I’ve decided to stick to increasingly soul weight lower soul stuff until the marathon. My soul can only handle so much right now, but I want to alimony things zingy and strong too.

I loved this one with Jess:

Now for a few increasingly random things surpassing I let you go on with your day (ps I cannot thank you unbearable for letting me be a part of your day, it ways a lot to me ((and yes, I’m just in an emotional mood today so excuse my cheesiness)).

*A new planner from Target is giving me all of the motivation to get organized.

*I’m ready to hibernate the bop-it. I hear thus thing way too many hours each day.

*New nails! Lily @ (424) 944-7977 is just the best. She is a single mama and just THE best, so if you are in the area, please go to her!

*Lauren thinks I’m not running unbearable if I have the energy to flourish my hair.

*A Jamba and Unconfined Harvest stage with Andrew.

*This email was unconfined news… The St. George Marathon will have Maurten gels at three spots withal the course!

Do you like getting your nails done? How often do you go?

-Lily’s last so long, I only go once a month.

If you overly do this… What do you think is the weightier snacks to eat while running?!

Best Gatorade flavor, in your opinion?

-Cool Blue

I’d love to hear something random in your life!

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