A nice and easy run with Lauren to start my day

(Long-sleeve, tank, shorts, socks, shoes, hat)

Today’s post is brought to you by a lot of random things throughout our day… my throne is pounding so hopefully this post makes any sense:

A nice and easy run with Lauren to start my day.

I go lanugo to my sports bra and shorts daily and jump into my hot tub right without a run.

Knowing my hot tub is waiting for me will alimony me from hibernating this winter.

The joy of listening to a podcast with a warm piece of bread. I squint forward to running out of specie at home so I can go to Great Harvest and get more.

I’ll shoehorn it. I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years on race gear that I never use again, BUT without 15 years of races, I’ve finally figured out only to buy the things I’m going to use. My Boston sweatshirt and cup from this past April have been used increasingly than anything else I’ve overly purchased from a race combined.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come;).

It snowed again. Skye cannot wait for ski school.

The way to Knox’s heart–> have a bag of Takis waiting for him when he returns.

Beck received money for his birthday and now he thinks he is a millionaire.

I had a flashback from last year of when I had dry needling washed-up for my plantar fasciitis and it made me cringe just thinking well-nigh it… anyone overly had that?

Has anyone made pancake spaghetti? Any tips? I think my kids are going to love this!

Makenna Myler posted well-nigh winter running… How have I never thought of wearing spandex shorts UNDER my tights to prevent unprepossessed buns. I will be doing this now.

Ever had Takis? Thoughts?

-I’ve never tried them, but Hot Flaming Cheetos nearly killed me.

What is going to help you to stave hibernating this winter?

Random question of the day—> are you much of a snacker or do you prefer big meals (or big meals and snacks?)?

Race purchases/shirts etc? Do you use those things or do they end up in the when of the drawer? Have a favorite?

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