Anyone else?  because it has hit me.

(Long sleeve, shorts, hat, shoes)

Puddle jumping for my Tuesday morning. I’ll be up to 60 miles this week which hasn’t happened in a few months.

And then 10 minutes of cadre work as Skye drew a portrait of me.

Winter has officially hit me, and I think I realized why… I am usually diligent well-nigh taking Vitamin D during the winter but have completely spaced it this time virtually and I don’t think I have seen the sun (even if my orange spray tans may suggest otherwise) in quite some time. While I thoroughly love running and skiing this winter, my soul is starving sunshine.

Winter salad at 9:30 am… Sure, why not?

Every time I eat this salad, I have this next to me and add increasingly to every zest as I talk to my sister on the phone.

Goat cheese is my heaven.

Blueberry-lemon cornmeal scones from Run Fast, Eat Slow. These are my new favorite Shalane recipe. I’ll be making these often during this marathon training cycle.

Beck is pleased considering he is old unbearable for the kids to go back-and-forth situation with my neighbor.

And yes, Andrew shaved a little mohawk on Beck.

A friend dropped this goodness off to me, and somehow nobody was virtually when she did, so I didn’t have to share any bites;)
Can you believe this avalanche? It took out the velocipede path we run on all of the time!
I started this yesterday…

Which do you prefer? Training for a spring or fall race?

-FALL RACES! I think maybe Boston needs to have an April and October option;)

How are you getting your vitamin d this winter?

What supplements/vitamins do you use?

Last/current running-related typesetting you have read?

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