Did you see?

(shorts, long sleeve, shoes)

My mentor and I just decided to switch this week’s training with next week. There is a huge snowstorm coming in today, and I’m lamister doing a 4 x 2-mile workout on the treadmill. Now, this week we are lowering a bit (shorter speed workout today and 70 miles for the week), and next week will be 80 miles!

Eight miles @ 8:35 pace with Jo. We included the hill (357 ft in one mile) which requires me to stop at the top to outbreathe normally again.

Some bullet points considering my smart-ass is all over the place today:

*This orchestration happens a few times each week to me… Replace ‘leg cramp’ with numerous possibilities (i.e., feeling like I’m going to lose my breakfast/lungs burning/muscles wanting to fall off, etc.).

*Andrew got in a ton of mountain wanderlust when we were in St. George. He misses it so much over the winters where we are… Thank goodness for the Peloton getting him through those months.

*I love Featherstone Nutrition. I learn so much from her with every post.

*I don’t need a sleep app to tell me how well I slept; I squint at my hair when I wake up and judge my sleep with how crazy it is. Marathon training sure does put my out each night.

*My mom came over yesterday to read with Skye. It’s the highlight of Skye’s week (along with dance).

*Speaking of dance, I veritably know nothing well-nigh flit but she is loving it so I’m talking to the other flit moms at each lesson to educate myself.

*Almost two months off of soda, and I’m still tempted when Andrew whips one out. I don’t understand moderation with soda, so I just cut it all out. I’m drinking way increasingly water and feeling largest without it so that is my motivation to alimony going with it. I will have an uneaten large soda without Boston, though.

*My niece said the thing that helped her the most was starting to fuel early in her marathon. When I saw her at mile 2.5, I told her she needed to start taking in fuel by mile 4. She was planning on starting to fuel at mile 10 considering she wasn’t sure when but she was so happy she started early. We need to be eating and drinking long surpassing we are hungry or thirsty on the run. She never ‘hit the wall’ considering she did an wondrous job eating and drinking often. The marathon really is an eating contest.
*John let me know that the Clifton 8s are currently 20% off at places like here and here. I got these pretty ones:

*Did you see Makenna Myler tapped her previous pregnancy record for the mile… a 5:17 at 9 months pregnant?!

@themylers Still not sure if this is a world record. Someone verify thx. #running #viral #motherrunner #pregnant #themile #pregnantrunner #menstrualtok ♬ original sound – The Mylers

Tell me some of the stages you wits on a run.

Those of you that have been pregnant… were you worldly-wise to run through pregnancy? What was your wits with exercise and pregnancy?

Is anyone else missing wanderlust this winter? Andrew needs people to empathize with.

Random racing question—> do you pin your bib on surpassing you put on your top or after?

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