Does Anybody Remember + Week 9 of Boston Training!

(shorts, tank, long-sleeve)

I was a bit nervous well-nigh this workout and attempting to alimony up with Tawny and Kassi. They both ran at BYU and are insanely fast. Kassi ran for Nike and trained with Deena Kastor, Ryan, and Sara Hall… I somehow kept them in my eyesight during the intervals, so I’m calling that a win. The fitness is coming along.

Vince was moreover with us (my friend that I told you started running in his late 30s and is now 51 and having the weightier running of his life)!

About an hour surpassing we started running, I had an ego waffle/pb/raspberry sandwich and some perk energy (it has some protein and caffeine). I’m trying to get in a meal an hour surpassing my runs rather than right surpassing to have a happier stomach. It worked!
These shorts are magic. I stuffed 4 gels in them, and my phone and they never budged; I pretty much wear them for every long run. I have a detailed fueling post going up this week, but I took one gel 5 minutes surpassing the run and then at miles 4, 8, 12, and 16.
Our water breaks in the winter, ha. I’m telling ya, it works nicely, and none of us have gotten sick yet;)

Twenty miles and so much climbing. The details from the run are unelevated this picture!

Week 9 Boston Training:

Monday: 13.23 miles @ 8:21 stereotype & 2.16 miles @ 9:47 stereotype pace with my niece later.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:35 average

Wednesday: 14 miles on the indoor track (70 laps!). W/u 3 sets of 3 min, 2 min, 1 min fartleks, and 1-minute jogging recoveries within the sets and 3-minute jogging recoveries between sets. I went based on effort for these and didn’t alimony track of paces considering I used my watch to alimony track of how many laps we were doing.

Thursday: 8.1 miles @ 8:20

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:33 pace

Saturday: 20 miles @ 7:14 stereotype with 1853 ft of climbing. My mentor put together quite the undertow for us-> we were worn-out at the end. W/U, climb a huge hill for .6 miles, 3-mile tempo (5:54 average- mostly down), .7 recovery jog, 1.2-mile uphill push (and my 2nd fastest time overly on this segment without doing it a million times!), 1-mile recovery jog, 1 downhill mile (5:30), 2-mile recovery jog, .6 mile huge hill, 3-mile tempo (5:46 average- mostly down), c/d.

Sunday: Off!

70.70 miles for the week.

I came home to Curly and the kids:) Andrew worked all weekend, so she made it possible for this 20 miler to happen.

PS everyone remember when I blogged well-nigh Curly when she was this little…
The rest of the weekend was spent doing the usual things.

We made forts and put every toy in the house on the ground.

Andrew brought me an egg burrito that hit the spot.
We moreover made beignets!

They were so good.

And so was this pasta primavera!

Happy Monday!


Tell me some highlights from your weekend!

Have any nieces or nephews that live near you?

That picture of Curly made me want to go when to Disneyland… so for those of you that have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld, I need to hear which one you think is better.

Breakfast surpassing a run—> how long surpassing you start running do you eat?

-On big days I want to eat well-nigh an hour surpassing with a gel right surpassing and on normal days I’m eating in my car on the way to the run.

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