Isnt It Funny? + Boston Training Week #2 Recap

(vest, shorts, shirt, shoes, headband)

A solid group of women makes the 14 miles fly by.

Isn’t it funny (or painful?) how a workout that looks so simple on your training plan can hurt so badly? We all went into this one thinking, ‘what a piece of cake!’ I thought we wouldn’t plane notice this workout with only 21 minutes of running fast! First, the loop was full of hills (above picture of the cool-down), and I swear each interval landed on the most challenging sections. Second, it’s incredible how long a minute lasts when you are doing a fartlek. My 6-minute fartlek (that was basically killing me) pace was just a touch under my goal marathon pace for Boston.

This unchangingly happens though… At the whence of a training cycle, my mile time is my goal marathon pace. Something magical happens over the months of training and that mile time turns into tempo pace and then into marathon pace.

I fully support friends that use snacks as their running fuel.

Here’s how week 2 of Boston Training went:

Monday: 10 miles @ 8:42 pace on fresh snow and 1k elevation gain.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:43 average

Wednesday: 5 miles w/u outside, workout at the indoor track. Ladder workout 400, 800, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (with half recovery jogs ((i.e., 800m jog without the 1600m interval)). 12 miles total, and I’m not sure well-nigh the times for the intervals considering I was keeping track of the laps on my watch ((5 per mile)), but I put in a solid effort!

Thursday: 11.37 miles @ 8:25 average

Friday: Off, but I did some strength.

Saturday: 14.7 miles @ 7:32 stereotype pace. 6 minutes, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 fartlek with half recoveries (i.e., 3-minute recovery run without the 6-minute fartlek)

Sunday: Off

56 miles for the week!

And onto the rest of the weekend:

Knox is quite the trooper in permitting the neighbors (that are much younger than him;) to paint his face.

We got out to ski!

Skye can officially alimony up with everyone!

We hot tubbed afterward.

Sunday tabbed for the laziest morning.

And my mom’s lasagna later on.
I hope your Monday is off to a unconfined start!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Marathon runners… how many weeks do you prefer for a marathon training plan?

Those of you that use snacks to fuel during your longer runs… which snacks do you prefer?

Have a favorite recipe from one of your parents/relatives?

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