Its official, we are obsessed with Big Bear.

The kids said they liked Big Bear increasingly than Disneyland, which says a lot… This fact can help express how much we loved this place. I thought I would share some of the things we did just in specimen anyone else is planning on visiting. If you are doing Revel Big Bear in the future, staying in Big Bear was an spanking-new nomination for us and made race morning very easy.

A huge highlight was going to the Big Bear Rehabilitation Zoo. It was the cutest little zoo, with snow everywhere and trappy animals.

Our biggest unprepossessing lover gasped with each fox that she saw. She was in heaven.

Another big highlight was spending time at the lake. We went there twice, and they played in the mud, tapped the ice, threw rocks, and the weather was perfect in the afternoon (40ish degrees).
They built a underpass to a little waddle island (below, Andrew is yelling timber as he ran yonder from the falling log).

We rented the coolest Airbnb. It had a pool table, plenty of beds for everyone and it was very tropical to the busses (I’ll send you the link if you overly want to stay there). It felt subconscious in the trees and so cozy with two fireplaces.

We went to the grocery store on Thursday and ate most of our meals at the motel considering that is just the way to go with our family these days.
Yep. I’m ready to go when already. PS I wore my Ugg slippers for 99% of our stay there (I live in these things indoors and outdoors).
He is a big fan of pool now.

We had the weightier cronuts at Dank Donuts (the vegan coconut donuts were wondrous too).

And this pasta from Maggio’s was moreover heavenly.
Pickle’s Pie Shop is a must if you are in Big Bear. The pear pie was vastitude good. You have to go right when they unshut considering once they sell out, they close. Expect a line but remind yourself that it is worth the wait.
We went to The Village to squint at all the cute shops and the fudge shop.

And flipside huge highlight was Big Bear Snow Play! This was a unconfined warm-up for the kids surpassing we ski NEXT WEEK! PS I have skied, mountain biked at Big Bear in the past too, and loved doing both here.
Beck was too small to go tubing this year, but he will love it next year! I volunteered to stay with Beck in the lodge considering my quads would not have survived tubing without the race.

Andrew and I could have spent an unshortened day driving virtually on each street, drooling over the variegated cabins. They were all so unique and beautiful.

For a little reality trammels of traveling–> We came home to 10 loads of laundry, moldy supplies in our fridge, cleaning throw-up out of our car, and a house that was 52 degrees ha… We wanted to jump when into our car and go when to Big Bear.

What would you segregate if you could segregate between owning a mountain motel or a waterfront house?

-Mountain motel for me!

Please tell me what you are running today considering I’m not running, and I need to live through you:)!

What is the weightier or most unique pie that you have overly had?

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