Maybe that is just because Ive fed that to my brain for a decade?!

(top ((50% off!)), shorts, shoes 1, shoes 2)

We woke up to this and I’m sure glad we planned on meeting at the indoor track.

While I’d rather be outside, the indoor track makes it so easy to have everything you need right when you need it.

There was a group of seven of us at the track, which made the workout/mileage go by so much faster considering there was unchangingly someone to yack with and cheer on.

I tried to get creative with this picture to show you that I ran 14 miles, but it didn’t turn out as tomfool as I had hoped, ha. I have no idea what my paces were for these considering my Garmin doesn’t get well-judged readings inside, but I know I ran 14 miles.

The workout sounded short, but it was the closest I’ve felt to losing my breakfast in a long time.

3 x 3 min, 2 min, 1 min! 1-minute jog recoveries in the sets and 3-minute jog recoveries in between sets. I’m trying to trick myself into yoyo I am good at short/fast speeds. The increasingly I tell myself this, the increasingly likely it will happen. I have my smart-ass programmed to think I only like loftiness speed/races, but maybe that is just considering I’ve fed that to my smart-ass for a decade.

70 laps. I’m dizzy. I stayed on the outside lane as much as possible to stave such sharp turns, and my hips appreciated that decision.

Inspiring story time–> I did my reps yesterday with/chasing my friend, Vince. A lot of my workouts have been with him the last few weeks! He started running at 38 years old, and he is now 51 years old. It is never too late to start working towards things. He is going to sub 2:50 at his next marathon, he recently ran a 100 miler, and he is on fire. His weightier years of running are now!

The kids all had a snow day, so they were home, and Knox wanted to join me for my leg day Peloton 20-min class.

Hot tubbing was necessary.

This picture is of knox jumping into the hot tub as quickly as possible without hitting Andrew with a snowball.

Beretta ran virtually like crazy in the backyard

My friend, Kelsey, made me the most succulent birthday month confection ever. The Coconut Kamut Cake is my #1 favorite and the one she made was perfection.

And, I guess they were missing school considering they created their own.

Did anyone else start running later than the majority of runners?

Any untrue running things you’ve fed your smart-ass for way too long?

Last strength workout you did?

Best confection in your opinion?

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