More Race Talk & Things

(shorts, bra)

I really wanted to run but didn’t considering I’m trying to be smart with recovery.

So, I sat on my Peloton for 20 minutes to get my legs moving. I did this without Brooke went to school and it felt so weird taking her to school in non-sweaty suit like I usually do.

A friend invited us over for breakfast. I am going to show up at her house every morning now.

We had Mindy’s French Dip Sandwiches for dinner, which were amazing. I have found my problem with cooking… I don’t like thinking well-nigh WHAT to cook. If my family tells me what they want to eat, making it is the easy part for me. Andrew requested these:

I have so many things to tell you today:

*I saw this on Keira’s Instagram. PR or ER. WE ARE ALL CRAZY, but I relate;)

IMG 8313

*Nothing. After my marathon last weekend, nothing could have tasted largest than McDonald’s French fries. I am embarrassed to shoehorn how many packets of salt I poured all over them. Nothing has overly tasted so good.

*Two car ride trip tricks that work for Beck (the other three are happy with snacks, movies, and books). 1) We requite Beck Andrew’s wallet. He will take out his cards and put them when in for an hour straight… worth losing one of his credit cards every now and then. 2) BUBBLES. Hold the wand up versus the vent to wrack-up the frothing out… it transforms Beck from screaming to uncontrollable giggles within .04 seconds.

*Before we left for Big Bear, Skye and I bought some slippers/shoes online that she had been begging for, and I told her that they would victorious when we were gone.

She was completely unconsciousness when we pulled into our driveway late Sunday night, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she asked to go to the mailbox for her slippers. This little girl LOVES shoes.

*Skye finally trusted me that a toasted bagel with peanut butter and thinly sliced apples were the weightier things ever, and she now agreed.

*Subtle flex (my nieces will be so proud of me for using their lingo)—> I met Lindsay Lohan at the gym one time, and so my level of excitement for this

*I carb loaded for Big Bear on Wednesday and Thursday of last week but on Friday, my gut had other plans for me, and I just did the weightier I could to get in as many carbs as possible. This is my favorite carb-loading tool.

Totally normal to siphon a loaf of specie virtually with you during the carb load.

*NeuroticMom showing us the correct way to eat a cupcake (tear the marrow off and put it on top).

*I asked Lauren to send me her favorite things to think well-nigh during a marathon, and she delivered. These all helped me SO much during my race, and I hope they help you too.

Along with this page from Deena. It all helped my mental game so much during the race. I love a good pep talk.

Any random things to tell me??

Any movies you are looking forward to watching?

Those of you triumphal Thanksgiving, what are your plans this year? Any turkey trots?

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