Not feeling like myself on the run

(bra, shorts, shoes)

We gave it an honest try… but when my feet were soaking .1 miles into the warm-up, I reverted my plans and decided I was going to do the speed portion on the treadmill.

But the 3.8 miles out in this with friends was fun (and cold).

We walked on the downhills during the warm-up considering it was so slick.
And then I took it to the gym. Long story short… I don’t have a treadmill anymore! I gave ours to my dad so he would have something to do his walks on. He needs the handlebars considering he gets qualmy at times, and he gets a lot of use on it!

I really don’t use the treadmill that often, so when I need one, I’ll just hit up the gym (and maybe someday get the Peloton treadmill;).

That little fan on this gym treadmill was quite powerful and appreciated.

The joy of having a coach= The workout was a 4-mile tempo 4 x 200m intervals. When I hit mile 2 of the tempo, I so immensely wanted to turn the workout into 2 x 2 miles considering I was so tired but I didn’t considering I had someone to report when to.

4 miles @ 6:32 stereotype 4 x 200m (5:30 pace) and then a cooldown outside. I’m really not feeling like my ‘tigger’ (my mom’s nickname for me) self lately, so I’m getting some bloodwork washed-up but maybe it’s just the weather/vitamin d thing?!

My cool-down included four layers on top and shorts on the bottom. I don’t know why temperatures finger so differently on my legs vs the rest of my body.
Andrew joined me on the ground while I stretched (aka 30 seconds of stretching and then just laying on my mat).

Beck is in the stage where he pulls us to wherever he wants to go.
Andrew’s dad came skiing with us yesterday, and the fresh powder was incredible. On the lift, one of the kids asked why the lift had lowered so much… nope, the snow was just so much higher.
Skye skied when mountain for her first time (a much harder section!), and I did my first front flip (Knox crashed right in front of me, and flipping over him ((and landing on my back)) was the only option). Luckily, the fresh snow made it so that it didn’t hurt.

Knox’s impersonation of me:

We finished off the day with Andrew making us chocolate tweedle cookies.

And let’s be real, I ate the dough while chatting with you all:)

You could only have cookie dough or baked cookies for the rest of your life… which would you choose?

What do you think… is the treadmill harder or easier than running outside?


What’s your workout or run today?

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