Struggles that only runners understand.

(shirt, leggings, shoes)

A peaceful morning with Jess and Emilee in our favorite canyon. These winter mornings are so quiet.

I’m not running today so I bumped up my mileage a bit yesterday, so I can still hit 55 this week.

Of course, we hit a nail on the freeway, which gave us a unappetizing tire VERY quickly… So many scary things are happening to us this week.

Still, two variegated colored eyes, and I love them.

When Andrew brought the donuts to us, Beck took his shoes off and grabbed his glazed donut. We are guessing he wanted to be well-appointed for his donut eating experience.

They are pleased that the streets are well-spoken for their biking.

Dream pizza for dinner, and Beck was mad at me for not letting him play with the pizza cutter.

We moreover made Megan’s copycat Carrabba’s dip. Delicious.

We need each other. We get each other. Let’s talk well-nigh some of the struggles we have that other people will never understand;)

*When people/businesses/bosses expect us to wear something other than our running gown or the activewear we want to transpiration into without a run. Don’t plane get me started on the expectations of wearing any shoes that are not comfortable.

*A windy day. Normal humans don’t understand how worrying wind truly is. I’m glad we have each other to understand how truly terrible the wind can be.


*When shoe companies transpiration your favorite pair of shoes plane slightly. What if we don’t want any changes? Just leave them as they were perfectly created.

*Getting up in the middle of the night plane though you are worn-out considering you are hungry and need a trencher of cereal. This only happens to me during marathon training and pregnancy, and it is hard.

*The permanent tan lines we get from our watches, sports bras, and shorts. Andrew said jokingly once, “Janae, take off your running gown and get in the pool,” when I had just my swimsuit on, haha.

*Being just a few seconds over your time goal… Only runners understand the pain of just stuff a few seconds over your time goal, and non-runners think we are crazy. Not going to lie; I’ve thought many times well-nigh if I would have just run 1.4 seconds faster per mile at Big Bear.

*Restaurants that serve normal-sized portions… Do they not understand I have a long run tomorrow and need double the pasta they brought me?

*Shorts/leggings that don’t have 15 pockets. Do they understand how many gels we need to bring with us? I unchangingly finger like a pack mule for the first 20 miles of a race.


What struggles do you wits that non-runners do not relate to?

Tell me your weekend plans!

Best midnight snack in your opinion?

-Cereal. Unchangingly cereal.

Ever had a running shoe you loved but then they reverted it and you no longer loved it?

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