Tangents + the most expensive area of our house.

I have a new friend-to-friend post up HERE well-nigh internet negativity!

You know you are from Utah when you are lanugo to a sports bra when it is 35° out. Eight miles @ 9:18 average, and so much to reservation up on without five days apart, ha.

Most of the day was spent doing laundry and filling up the fridge again. I moreover made Shalane’s Recovery Salad considering I have been starving it.

I widow roasted sweet potatoes and rotisserie yellow and doubled the recipe!

I have some tangents to talk about:

*I realized the most expensive place in our home is at the top of our mud room. I should probably put these in a unscratched just in specimen we are robbed.

*Laughing so nonflexible she fell to the ground.

*Current my #1 candy.

*And SkyJo is our #1 game.

*I asked my niece for some ideas on Christmas gifts for teenagers! I hope this helps!
*My sister just got this so she can grow herbs year-round in her kitchen! Does anyone have this or something similar? I’m going to get one too considering it will help me finally alimony some plants alive.
*He is passing lanugo his shorts in winter tradition to Knox. They both received plenty of stares.
*I like the ISH, haha.
*When I saw him come in with these, I thought he must have bought a new velocipede (or two;). Nope… He just understands my obsession with chocolate and peppermint combined.

Just flipside reminder that I have a friend-to-friend post up today HERE!

Have a tangent for me?

Any peppermint desserts I need to have this season?

Any ideas to add to the teenager’s souvenir list?

Do you eat quinoa often? Have a favorite recipe that uses it?

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