Telluride recap + to run or to not run

We had NO idea we would love Colorado as much as we did. We are once planning our trip here in the summer for some mountain biking.

We decided to go to Telluride for Thanksgiving for a few reasons:

  1. Every person we have overly met who visited Telluride has said it is amazing.
  2. THE PICTURES ONLINE SOLD ME–> mini Switzerland.
  3. It is only 6 hours yonder from us.
  4. It gave us a endangerment to ski surpassing our resort opens.
  5. It felt like the perfect getaway with our kids, and it was.


We stayed in Mountain Village, which was right at the wiring of the Telluride ski resort. We could ski right into the condo we stayed in (here is the link, we loved it so much, and they had everything we could overly need).

One of the biggest highlights for the kids was the self-ruling Gondola rides that you can take… just a 12-minute ride to Telluride from Mountain Village. The views were unreal, and Beck could have stayed on these all day. We never had to use our car once while we were there; we just took a Gondola or walked.

We loved exploring Telluride. The shops and paths were a blast, and it was way less crowded than many ski towns we have visited over the years (also, considering it was still kind of off-season and a holiday). Our favorite place that we ate in Telluride was The Baker.

The resort zone we stayed in had little Gondolas all over the place to eat in… with seat warmers and a heater. The restaurants were so good, we loved ice skating there, and the shopping was great. There was moreover a market where you take a Gondola to it, so we ate a lot at our condo.

Whenever I am with Knox, my pizza intake increases by 87%. He could truly live off of this stuff.
The temperatures were unprepossessed (as low as 10°F), but when the sun was out, it felt wondrous (with a few layers on). Once the sun was down, we were inside, but the well-done air on our faces throughout the day felt so good.

The hot chocolate was needed often…
On Saturday, the ski resort opened! There was just one lift open, but that one lift of runs kept us entertained all day.
Skye is getting largest and largest at skiing, and the really heady part for me is that she can get completely ready all by herself ha. PS I am working on a post with our favorite ski gear and tips to skiing with kids.
The kids were on the mountain from unshut to tropical (Andrew and I just switched off with them)… I need to build up my skiing legs considering I couldn’t hang with them the whole time.
I’m very thankful Andrew understands the importance of bringing snacks withal on any venture in the mountains… trail running and skiing are where snacks tastes the best, IMO.

This was my first trip in a long time where I didn’t run the unshortened trip (besides when I made a 15-second Reel ha). I wanted to requite my soul some time off and soak up waking up later and staying with everyone the whole time. Also, I’m not plane sure I could have run there; just going up the stairs felt like the biggest workout considering of the elevation.

It was a unconfined transpiration and something I need to do increasingly often on our trips.

We did get in some cross-training;) by ice skating… falling on the ice hurts increasingly and increasingly the older I get. I may have to retire from ice skating.

A unravel from running (and structured exercise) is good for the smart-ass and body… it helps us to come when excited and ready to go again. PS don’t worry when you take the break, you will get when to it again, and your soul won’t forget how to run.

Back to regular programming today!

Who has been to Telluride?

Skiiers/snowboarders, where is your favorite resort?

Tell me what your run is today!

I know it isn’t quite December yet but who has a race in December?

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