Tuesday Tangents!

(shorts, tank, shoes ((code FMTIB50 for 50% off)), bra)

12 miles with Lauren and Jess!

Dr. Bennett (801)513-1078! He has saved me from many injuries over the last nine years that I have gone to him. My left leg felt uneaten tight, so I made an visit to see him to get my muscles zingy and my soul aligned. I left feeling so well-turned again.

My mom walked the kids to a donut shop and the park wideness the street while I got stock-still up!

We hung out at the park for a bit too.

Soccer was a big part of the day too:

I unchangingly bring the recovery tools to the field.

Let’s go over some tangents:

*I would like to undeniability this picture: ‘My Luteal Phase.’


Screen Shot 2022 08 26 at 1 13 46 PM

*If you are overly at Home Depot and you see that they have giant skeletons, please help! Andrew is drastic and sending this unelevated message to everyone:)

*That feeling without a long run on the trails when you shower off all of the dirt and skim your teeth without eating a million gels and drinking Gatorade…

*These. Are. So. Good.

*Talking on the grass without a nonflexible run with my running group is one of my favorite things. We all understand each other’s crazy and love to go into every detail of the run. Pic from Maddie:)

Candy corn, succulent or disgusting?

Annual question–> when is the proper time to decorate for Halloween?

-‘9/1’ – Andrew Baron

Have someone that you see for injuries/running maintenance? Overly get deep tissue massages?

Have any tangents for me today?

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