Tuesday Tangents & I am so so proud.

(shoes, leggings, top)

13.23 miles @ 8:21 average.

Red rocks and warmth surrounded my run on Saturday, and yesterday’s run was at the site of an avalanche.

This waterfall happened a month ago, but our favorite running path won’t be well-spoken for a long time.

Lauren and I were matching:)

As we were out, we saw my niece (how is she 17 already?!?) doing a MARATHON. She decided the night surpassing to do a marathon and just went for it. She took a running matriculation last semester at school, and she is a CrossFit coach… she is so strong.
We found her virtually town to be her personal aid station and cheerleaders. She tried Maurten gels and LOVED them. She moreover started fueling at mile 4, she said that helped her so much.

And we got to run two miles with her too. We were with my sister and flipside niece too, it felt like a party the whole time.

She DID IT! And now she wants to qualify for Boston. I know she can do it. I’ll be channeling her amazingness during my next marathon.

And now for some tangents…

*The joy that supplies brings this little boy:

*As you know, the Clifton 8s saved my plantar fasciitis. I run in them at least twice a week, and they are everything I could overly want out of an easy, well-appointed running shoe. I tried on the Clifton 9s, thinking I needed to be prepared to buy 5 pairs of them, but… I’m not sure I like them. They are lighter, and I missed the cushioning of the 8s and the pillowlike feel. I felt like these made my foot pronate a little. It felt like they are going for a variegated type of running shoe with these, but I want the heavy/cushiony feel… I’m not looking for a spring or pop when I reach for my Cliftons, just pure comfort, so it felt like quite a transpiration when these did requite me a spring. I might need to try them out then for a real run and not just jogging virtually the towers a few times, but I think this is one of those situations where I just wish they didn’t make any changes. Off to stock up on the 8s.

*My favorite sandwich… a guacamole/chip sandwich.

*This is something I am working on this training cycle. More B workouts instead of racing workouts to get an A !

*We cannot recommend the Shotgun velocipede seat for kids enough. It makes littles finger like they are out with the big kids riding. Beck loved riding virtually on it with Andrew at the velocipede park and bringing his dog for the venture too. PS it is 33% off right now.

Please requite me a tangent!

Any running shoes you have tried that just weren’t for you?

Favorite thing at aid stations for you during a race?

Feel self-ruling to tell my niece congrats, I’ll tell her to read the comments today:)

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