Wednesday Randoms.

(long-sleeve, ear-warmer, leggings, shoes)

I think I am starting to get used to the cold… 22 degrees didn’t finger too bad.

These ladies had speed to do so I joined them for the rest… there is no endangerment I could get my soul to do speed at this point.

Skye and I were worldly-wise to steal my niece yonder in between her midterms to get french toast.

Kneader’s has perfected this recipe.

Now for some random things to get talking about…

*Brooke and Curly squint increasingly and increasingly unwrinkled to me each day.

*If Pomegranates didn’t take so much work, I would eat one every day.

*This Salad is amazing.

IMG 8427

*Time to pull out the melting snowman. Always a prod pleaser with my kids.

IMG 6148

*What 7:23 pm looks like.

*When we need to eat lunch in the car with the kids, I just order the 30-count nuggets from Chick-fil-A, a few orders of fries and ask for uneaten tons and divide it out myself… it’s so much cheaper this way compared to individual meals for everyone.

IMG 8119

*What strength training with Beck awake looks like?

IMG 3514

*They uploaded increasingly photos from the race and I found one where I’m (kind of) smiling at the finish. That smile took A LOT of energy to pull off.

Tell me something random!

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