How to Stay Healthy on Thanksgiving
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Overindulgence is a worldwide Thanksgiving theme. With plates full of carbs, sugars, and gravy, it is easy to veer off your normal nutrition and overeat. The good news is, you don’t have to fall victim this year. Instead, follow our tips well-nigh how to alimony it healthy on Thanksgiving.

Instead of the bird sweaty in butter …
This herb-roasted turkey comes highly rated and doesn’t undeniability for any butter in the recipe. Or, if you prefer a vegetarian option, make these wild-rice-stuffed butternut squash. With ingredients like cinnamon powder, zestless cherries, and fresh sage, this recipe may make the holiday a vegetarian repast every year.

Putting chopped sweet potatos in the oven
Instead of sweet potato casserole …
Make these roasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon. You’ll get the same savor without the calories. You can top the dish with chopped pecans to requite a crunch that resembles the typical topping of a sweet potato casserole.

Instead of mashed potatoes …
Swap the butter for olive oil, put lanugo the potato masher, and forget well-nigh having to add boiled potatoes to your Thanksgiving to-do list. Surpassing baking, these red potatoes are diced up and placed on a sultry sheet with rosemary, garlic, and salt.

Instead of canned cranberry sauce …
Make your own. Cranberry sauce is really easy to make. Plus, the sauce will turn out flavorful and fresh instead of … wiggly. An widow bonus: you can make this side the night before.

Instead of high-calorie stuffing …
Try subbing out the carbs for cauliflower. This recipe is made on the stove, so it’s one less item to have to worry well-nigh juggling the cooking time withal with the turkey in the oven. With the additions of carrots, onions, and mushrooms — the suffusion is a vegetable medley that tastes increasingly like stuffing, which we undeniability a win-win.

Instead of creamed untried beans …
Get a whole tuft of fresh untried beans to make this recipe. Chop up some mushrooms and red onion. Toss in some olive oil and place in the oven for 15 minutes. While it’s cooking, sauté up some specie crumbs with oregano. Add in parmesan and the zest of a lemon. Top the untried beans with the breadcrumb mixture, and serve!

Instead of a regular pumpkin pie …
This savvy sergeant manages to add delights like whipped surf to her pumpkin pie while still offering a recipe with less fat and calories and the wing of some protein. For weightier results, make the night before; it will be one less thing to have to add to the oven the day of and you’ll unzip much cleaner cuts.

Nutritional guide lines of a wastefulness plate of food.

Think well-nigh the plate
Sure, those potatoes squint good, and cranberry sauce is one of those things you can only have during the holidays, but if you’re really trying to have a healthy Thanksgiving, you need to know what a healthy Thanksgiving plate looks like. A good rule of thumb is to think well-nigh your plate this way:

  • ½ of the plate should have veggies
  • ¼ of the plate is for protein
  • ¼ of the place is for starches

For the remaining bits, like cranberry sauce and gravy — which we think should be enjoyed full-calorie — you should have very small servings. Think of them as garnishes.

8 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving!

Tip #1: Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to alimony your soul hydrated, as many Thanksgiving meals are loaded with sodium.
Tip #2: Pick 1-2 dishes to indulge in. Eyeing the pumpkin pie? Enjoy a slice, make sure it’s in moderation.
Tip #3: Get outside. Enjoy the trappy Arizona weather with your friends and family. Try a new hiking trail, walk virtually your neighborhood, or plane a local Turkey Trot!
Tip #4: Beat the post-Thanksgiving meal lull with a cup of coffee or hot untried tea. Both options have been shown to help increase metabolism.
Tip #5: Try a lighter, healthier option on your holiday favorites. Pinterest is full of unique, fun, and healthy recipe alternatives.
Tip #6: Begin your day with breakfast. Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast like rolled oats, a veggie scramble, or rye specie to kick start the day.
Tip #7: Steer well-spoken of the titbit table. It’s nonflexible to resist when there’s lots of finger supplies right surpassing you. Instead, try sitting in the living room and enjoying conversation with your friends and family.
Tip #8: Schedule a fat-burning workout for the day without Thanksgiving. It’s a unconfined way to jumpstart your long holiday weekend.

We hope you now know how to stay healthy on Thanksgiving. If you find that pain is getting in the way of enjoying your holiday, let’s fix that. Schedule an appointment with our physical therapy clinic today.

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