Physical Therapist Explains Arthritis & How to Treat It
Sports Medicine2022-11-18

by Jordan Brocker DPT | CSSS

Osteoarthritis is a normal bodily condition caused by wear and tear to the body, which leads to the deterioration of joint cartilage. This leaves wreck unprotected, and eventually, the joint’s deterioration can wilt so lattermost that it leaves unorthodoxy to rub versus bone. The joint fluid that helps lubricate the joint for a normal, smooth function moreover deteriorates, leading to resisted motion and often-audible sounds when moving. Both factors play a role in the pain and limitation of the unauthentic joints.

Unfortunately, there are no ways for entirely reversing arthritis that has once developed. However, and increasingly importantly, there is something you can do well-nigh it. Research and my personal wits have shown that physical therapy can help to unstrap pain and discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, so your recovery is increasingly than just good enough, and you can protract performing the activities you enjoy.

Osteoarthritis Factors That are Important to Address:

  • weakness and flexibility in muscles related to unauthentic joints
  • stability of associated joints
  • specific joint motion and mobility
  • body mechanics that are influenced by variegated joints
  • balance and proprioception for lower extremity joints
  • muscle endurance

PT, helping vendee wrench knee.

Physical therapy reduces the impairments caused by a person’s arthritis by addressing each of the whilom factors thus and uniquely for each individual. Everyone will have variegated causative factors that transpiration how their arthritis is experienced and how it progresses. Your physical therapist must write these issues properly for you to receive the greatest goody from treatment. Physical therapy will indulge optimal function of the tremorous joint to prevent remoter deterioration and promote its current integrity.

For example, a very worldwide tremorous joint is the knee. Often, degeneration in the knee’s lateral (outside) speciality can occur at a higher level than the medial (inside) of the joint due to increasingly gravity stuff unromantic to the outside of the knee during weight-bearing activities. The knee position that causes this is known as genu valum, and is seen when the knee is positioned toward the middle of the body, not the hip. The culprits responsible for this positioning are often weak hip and toddle muscles. Therefore, addressing the weaknesses in these muscle groups and applying them to activities (like walking or bending/squatting) could help reduce the unwont forces on the knee, thus reducing irritation.

Exercise Programs to Modernize Osteoarthritis

As physical therapists, we observe the local joint and the unshortened soul to assess possible areas of impairment and then modernize the soul mechanics of an individual. Based on our evaluation process, we create a program of specific exercises to weightier goody each person’s needs. We work towards creating independence with an exercise program for the patient that allows them to protract the exercises in their own homes, with a proper understanding of the concepts overdue the exercises to protract rehabilitation.

Many factors may dictate the effectiveness of treating osteoarthritis, such as the severity of the issue, current or prior level of function, joint deformation, or other diseases that stupefy bones, joints, and bodily processes. If these factors are present, it does not midpoint a person cannot do anything well-nigh their arthritis. However, it may stupefy the stratum of resurgence that can occur, as well as how long it takes to improve. Ultimately, doing something well-nigh osteoarthritis will be much increasingly salubrious than staying idle and permitting the process to continue. The stratum of resurgence you could unzip might transpiration your life by taking action!

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy is defended to providing hands-on, individualized superintendency to people of all month with a myriad of afflictions. Our physical therapists are defended to your full recovery, schedule a self-ruling assessment with one of our highly trained staff, or contact one of our many valley-wide locations.

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