The Dangers of a Good Enough Injury Recovery
Sports Medicine2023-01-13

“Good enough” ways you won’t spend unbearable time to rehabilitate your injury fully. When it comes to physical mobility, are you prepared to settle for a good unbearable solution? That may work when making small decisions, like picking which size band-aid, but when your mobility is on the line, you need to have a full recovery focus. This is an lattermost example, but the fact remains: if you settle for good enough, you will never do everything you want to do.

When it comes to your physical health and pain-free mobility, full injury recovery should be the target. It is easy to be drawn to the first solution that provides increasingly repletion and functionality than you have today—even if it only offers a marginal improvement. We undeniability this solution good enough. True, this solution will provide vital functionality, but it can moreover rationalization doubt and certainly will not help you unzip the weightier result. When having a full recovery focus, you shouldn’t feel:

  • Worried well-nigh your recovery
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Skeptical
  • Stressed (physical, financial, emotional, or mental)

Seeking full recovery is a journey with no shortcuts and no finish line. A journey that will lead to wondrous and fulfilling results. At Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, our therapists embrace the journey. We understand that good unbearable is a dangerous stopping point… to aim for good unbearable is to end up incredibly mediocre… moreover alimony in mind that good unbearable is only good unbearable for so long.

What is a Full Recovery Focus?

A Foothills therapist will take you, your pain, and your full recovery seriously. We don’t believe a good unbearable recovery is good enough. In fact, no one deserves just a good unbearable recovery, no matter their situation; our goal is to do everything we can to help you get your full, healthy life back. Our Full Recovery Focus difference is evident from your very first visit. Your enthusiastic and single-minded therapist takes you, your pain, and your situation seriously as you discuss what full recovery looks like. Together you will map out a hands-on, customized plan to get you there. Your therapist will work to prevent unnecessary diagnostics in your recovery that can increase out-of-pocket financing and impact your long-term well-being. Our therapists can work with your doctor to explore pre-surgery, post-surgery, and no-surgery options for your full recovery.

Pre-Surgery, Post-surgery & No surgery

We know a full recovery starts surpassing your surgery plane happens. That’s why we’re with you from the whence to the end. You can typesetting an visit without needing a referral from your doctor, and we can work with your doctors to develop a pre-surgery and a post-surgery plan. If it is possible, we will help you stave surgery altogether. Our goal is unchangingly your full recovery.

Locally Trusted & Convenient

No one likes stuff in pain longer than they have to. With dozens of locations in Phoenix, you can get in to see your therapist quickly. You will never wait longer than 48 hours without booking your appointment. That’s why we’re the physical therapy organization local Arizonans have trusted for over 21 years. We have helped increasingly than 500,000 patients get out of pain and when to doing the things they love. Your recovery sessions will be planned so that you move through your recovery as soon as possible and get when to feeling like yourself and enjoying your life again. And you won’t need to worry well-nigh insurance. We winnow most major insurance carriers, including competitive mazuma pay options.

Get rid of crippling pain and enjoy full rehabilitation from your injury.

We don’t requite up on our patients once their recovery reaches “acceptable,” whatever that might mean. We make every effort to steer our patients yonder from a good unbearable recovery and guide them on their journey to full recovery.
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