7 Best Daily Stretches For Calisthenics Flexibility | Weekly Challenge

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First of all congratz to the winner of last week: renYek on YouTube
Check out the video of his challenge!:
► https://youtu.be/KioB-p9VCFQ

This week we did a 10 Minute stretching routines. The 7 exercises that we do are very important for calisthenics flexibility, we do them everyday and we have really noticed progression in our flexibility since we’re doing so!

The 7 Exercises in this video:
1 – Downward dog to Cobra pose (5 reps)
2 – Cow to Cat pose (5 reps)
3 – Forward Fold (seated, wide leg and standing)
4 – Backward lean/bend
5 – Half/Full Wheel
6 – Squat sit
7 – Frog stand

Weekly challenge scores:
Still 3 points for Michael and 1 point for Yannick (we did not have a winner this week)

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