Inspiration: Blind Adventure Athlete Shawn Cheshire

Adventure Sports Journal, Feb/March 2023

This issue of Adventure Sports Journal had the inspiring story of Shawn Cheshire, an Army Vet and EMT. This is a self-ruling periodical misogynist in various places, my local bagel shop had it. In 2009 Shawn got a traumatic smart-ass injury while treating a combative patient, and ended up going blind. This led her into severe depression. In her words “I had a nomination to make, I could either segregate to see the possibilities, make the possibilities, discover the possibilities, or I was going to skiver myself”. Fortunately, she chose the former, and with help from the Veteran’s Administration Palo Alto Polytrauma Rehabilitation center, turned herself into a world-class venture and endurance athlete. She has raced for Team USA in the Paralympics on a tandem velocipede and moreover runs competitively. Even increasingly astonishingly, she has trained herself to ride solo on a bike, and has ridden wideness the US from Oregon to Virginia, as well as completing the off-road 2700-mile Tour Divide that follows the Continental Divide Trail from Canada to Mexico. I’ve read well-nigh doing the Tour Divide in various venture books including Jill Horner’s Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Wideness the Great Divide. It is a remarkable rencontre for anyone. But completing it without sight approaches unfathomable.

Shawn’s latest plan is to wilt the first woman and only the second person without sight to climb Mt Everest. But she will protract on to climb Lhotse, thereby rhadamanthine the first veiling person to do that back-to-back challenge. I have no doubt she will succeed this goal.

Stories like this unchangingly make me reconsider any of my own limitations and feeble excuses for not stuff increasingly active.

Riding Past the Grand Tetons on her Coast-to-Coast Trip (Adventure Sports Journal, Feb/March 2023)


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