Running Up That Hill: A Comprehensive Guide to Stranger Things

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The Strange Tale of Running Up That Hill in Stranger Things

Running Up That Hill is originally a song by Kate Bush that was released in 1985. It had a title-‘A Deal with the God’. In 2022, this song got new attention. It was released in the fourth season of Stranger Things, a series on Netflix. The song came out to be a chartbuster on the music charts in different countries. It is a significant plot device in Stranger Things.

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with Max’s emotional struggle. The deal with the God theme in Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill made it even more suitable for the Stranger Things. It could mean that only a miracle can help Max get back to life when she was alone. Max’s dear friends help her come out of the loneliness. So, this is like god-like spirit.

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Dear Billy is the episode in which the song is used. In the last minutes of the episode, we see that Vecna tries to kill Max. Vecna is captivating Max psychologically. He is a serial killer who first tortures his victims with their fears and past experiences that they had.

Max’s past experience was the death of her step-brother Billy. And Vecna targeted this for psychological manipulation. He came at the time when Max was at Billy’s grave. Vecna comes at the gravesite as Billy first. He said that Max was happy when he died and she is hiding the shame that she feels out of it. Vecna as Billy tells that he has come there to end her life all at once. Then Vecna transforms into Billy.

Vecna is trying to kill her by trapping her in vines. But then, her friends Lucas, Dustin, and Steve play the song Running Up That Hill. The song saves Max. The song was so powerful that it brought Max back to reality. She runs to her friends to live her life ahead with determination. It is used in other episodes also when Max listens to it on her headphones. Running Up That Hill has made records after that. This is like a psychological thriller.

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Dear Billy is the letter that Max wrote to Billy after his death. She reads this letter at his grave. Itis a deeply heartfelt emotional letter. She writes that maybe they could have been friends or like real brother and sister. She has a feeling if self-loathing. She had also written letters to her family and friends along with the letter Dear Billy. She had written the letters because she thought that she would die.

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Max is desperate for understanding from her friends and people she loved. When Max runs up the hill, she is running away from the evil and absence of love and towards her friends who are showing warmth and understanding. Max had complex feelings at that time. The song is about the alienation that people suffer at some point in their lives. The music is a sort of validation that people want at these times.

Many people commented on the scene as an overcoming from major depression. Many people resonated with this. This was probably because of the pandemic and the mental health issues it led to. It is also like the inner struggles that teens go through and the isolation from the world. The scene has captured very well what it is like to be at the point of despair. It is also about Max’s friends who made enormous efforts to save her life.

The pivotal theme of Stranger Things is the undying friendship that Max had with her friends. The song Running Up That Hill is the harbinger of hopes and a new life for Max. She returns to the reality because of that song. Before that, she was going through nightmares and isolation.

It took two years to talk to Kate for her song to be used in the series. Kate wanted to know the backdrop at which her sing would be used.

The song has received positive responses from the people all over the world. It is quite surreal for Kate. She is feeling awesome. On YouTube, it has got more than 100 million views. The song has got a new audience as compared to that of 37 years ago. It has also broken Guinness World Records.

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