Cricket Injuries | Prevention and Treatment
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Cricket is a very usual game well known to everybody. It is a sport that require the physical exercise or participation of the player conditional upon his role in the team. Despite the fact that, throughout this game, all the body parts are prone to injury there are some parts of the body that are more at risk to injuries such as the lumbar spine,

Hamstrings, shoulder, and ankle. The possibility of injury may differ according to the position of the player in the ground. Besides, the T20 matches, which are further acute and played in a short term, results in a serious increase in injuries due to more load on the players. There are many ways by which the player can get pain, and at the same time there are plan to handle and lessen the risk of these injuries by doing appropriate exercises.

These workout can be done under the advice of a physiotherapist, who can support you to recognize weak spots between a musculoskeletal screenings, and thus support you to get better. So, let's take a look at some of the most usual injuries and their prevention plan.

Prevention of Cricket Injuries

Prevention of Cricket Injuries

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Even though numerous injuries in this game are not completely avoidable, there are some prevention plan such as warm-up or cool down, proper control, and keeping strength that the player can ensue to lessen the risk of bruise.

Warm-up and Cool-Down Exercises:

Warm-up and cool-down exercises/workout should be done as a regularly. Warm-up involve energetic exercises, these should be done pre-sessional, and cool down involve static stretches, which should be done after the sport. Performing pre and post-session exercises can lessen the trouble of muscle tightness.

Strengthening Exercises:

Strengthening exercises can reduce the risk of injury. Core strength instruction is especially practical for bowlers, as it can help lower the trouble of low back pain and side strains.

Most Common Injuries in Cricket Players Are:

 Rotator Cuff Injuries

The shoulder is the most moving joint in the body, it has a wonderful range of moving. Spinner cuff injuries happen due to above movement throughout bowling, throwing, fielding, and wicket-keeping.

In case of injury, your physiotherapist prescribe the POLICE principle:

·    Protection: This involve at first resting the injured part and after a hardly any days begin with gentle motion.

·   Optimum Loading:  This Starts with a passive range of motion (PROM) followed by an active range of motion (AROM).

·   Ice: Applying ice for 10 minutes every hour.

·   Compression: Compression dressing of the harmed part if feasible.

·   Elevation: Elevation of the injured area while sitting down or lying to increase blood flow to the area.

Your physiotherapist plan an exercise program that can support you to prevent the frequency of any shoulder injury and help the general performance. Your physiotherapist will also guide you for suitable filling of the joint and rest, backing a shoulder injury.

Hamstring Strains

A hamstring strain is generally begin when the muscles become overburden, leading to a tightness, or a total tear. The strict of the hamstring strain span from a minor strain that may feel like a pain, or a significant strain that is very painful making it challenging to walk or stand.

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Cripple are normally injured during running i.e during fast bowling while fielding or running between wickets as a batsman. The player feels an unexpected or acute pain throughout the exercise, pain or stiffness while straightening or bending the leg, and weight-bearing. Physiotherapy therapy begin by POLICE principle ensue by continuous strengthening throughout the exercise, soft tissue rubbing, scar tissue mobilization and dry needling. And support to increase healing and prevent a frequency.

Ankle Sprains

An ankle strain is a general injury in cricket. The ankle becomes tired when the player all of sudden stops or runs at high speed creating the ankle to bend further crossing the restriction.  Primary treatment involve the POLICE concept and look into with a physiotherapist to advance recovery.

An exercise plan can support to expand the ankle mobility and strength thus preventing reappearance. Determined on the heavy-handed, your physiotherapist may determine to give you with supporting, taping, strapping, or cane to help in the defense of the ligaments let proper healing. Soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization, and dry needling can also be used as a pain therapy for fast recuperation.

Low Back Pain: What You Need to Know

Low back pain treatment

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Low back pain is very usual in fast bowling, due to the longtime of monotonous actions when bowling or batting to plunge for the wicket. The player feels pain and swelling as a result of strained of a ligament of the lumbar spine. Use of ice and rest is the great treatment for lumbar pain supervene by exercises.

Groin Injuries

The hip flexor and adductor muscles are damaged through batting, bowling, leaping, and running or while movement of thigh upwards or moving the leg over the body. Monotonous movement or fast movement can result in tear to muscle fibers and put force on the hip joint and bony connector.

Wrist and Hand Injuries

Bones, joints, hamstring, ligaments, and nerves of cricketers are tear due to the impact of playing with a solid ball traveling at dissimilar speeds. Physiotherapists do study and give regulation with compression and ice balance the joints and bones with bandaging and bracing.

More injuries like Knee injuries and Head, neck, facial injuries are small common than other injuries, but it is essential to note the possible for diverse knee injuries in cricket. Mandatory protecting headgear while batting has lessen the occurrence of such injuries remarkably. Those fielding close to batsmen often wears a helmet for defense and in front of the fold wear helmets for conservation.

If injuries occur, physiotherapy can help with effective strengthening, conditioning, and fitness strategies to improve muscular balance thus the player can return to the game as soon as possible.



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